Friday, March 28, 2008


Man, I don't draw enough plane/space ship/ shuttle things (as in, this is my first) I had so much fun doing this... of course, most of the time i was pretending i was flying it... Yeah, I am that cool..

Well here it is from lines to compleation. Painting Mechanical objects turns out to be quite hard, and I don't think I was all that sucessful. Still think it looks quite fun though

tata for now.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Colours and texture

Colours and textures on the squatter. Got some of the other things half compleated, but i need a few hours kip. Starting to make daft mistakes. Tata for now.

Post bonanza

Trying to see how many images I can get into my portfolio before business hours finish tomorrow, which should be interesting. So yeah, I will be posting each stage of my images as they are finished, mainly so i can look at them on my PSP, as the screen colours are a lot better than my crapped our moniter, but also so Bills can see them too... him being the only one that checks this place out.

So enjoy, First of the night, greays over a sketch posted earlyer, done in just under 2 hours, a new record for my slow ass.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So this is me trying to apply lesson 1,2 and 4 to one image of my own. Obviously i am no Bobby Chiu, but I am deffinatly more confidet with digital colours than I was 4 weeks ago.

Anyway, this is sketch, tone, value then textures, one after the other.

Thanks for looking.

p.s. for some reason the progress image is staying very small even when enlarged, no matter what size file i upload, so i have added a large shot of the finished look.

Class 4

The 4th week of my Schoolism course has come and gone, leaving behind another finished project. This week was a second session of textures, the difference this time was that instead of painting a textured value ontop of a line drawing, we were applying textures to an already fully toned and colorized image.

I found this class massivly useful and informative. It's started to unlock for me, some of the secrets behind how the amazingly detailed concept art you see being done is actually compleated. I knew that real textures were used in alot of cases of course, but actually understaning the process is a real insight, and I can't wait to get on useing it.

Line work, Tone, colour: Bobbie Chiu

Textures, adjustments. touchups: Me

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Class 3

This is my first work useing textures in Photoshop. Yet again Bobby's instruction was clear and consice, making the work seem deceptivly easy. I am quite happy with the result, although I messed up the lower body, I will re do that part of the lesson at a later date.

Original image: Bobby Chiu

Textured painting attempt: Myself

Textures Part 2 coming up!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is my first attempt at actually implimenting what Mr Chiu has taught me thus far onto one of my own sketches. I really enjoyed doing this, but i am not sure i have got the process down yet. I have a few more sketches to work through, I will see how its going after i have finished those.
I will post them soon, possibly with some sketches inbetween.
tata for now.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lesson 2

Second Week of my digital painting class over at This was our first colour work, and the lesson was mainly to illustraite how effectivly the visulising through darkness process works with colorization.
Again, Bobby's teaching method is thorough and easy to understand. He also provided the amazing image for use to spill some paint over. So credit to Bobby Chiu for the image above, except for the colours (which after watching the vid's a monkey could have done).
Will post some of my own work done useing these methods some time soon.
Ta ta

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pon Pon Pata Pon

Some more sketches, you know, this being a sketch blog and all. As some of you may have guessed from the subject, i recently picked up Patapon for the PSP. I have heard some mixed reveiws, but I love it. Its a simple rythem game mixed with an RPG/Tactics element. I am only a few missions in, so it remains to be seen if the game play will start to grate on me after a while, but for now, I am loving it. The art direction, as you would expect from the guys that did Loco Roco is top notch. So much so that i could probably have fun just watching somone else play the game.
If your on the fence, even after the demo, i would take the plunge and go for it, even if just for the inspirational visuals.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Lesson 1: Flex

So this is the result of my first leson with . The class was well presented, clear, and Bobby Chiu's approach makes a lot of sence to me, Which is great because i am terrible at this sort of thing.

They results may look a little dark to you, my comp tends to see things brighter than they are, so i will tweak it when i get the problem resolved later this week. I will post the final image from the classes as I compleate them (I think i am allowed to do that) and post some of my work with the techniques apllied to them in the intrum.

Line art: Bobby Chiu

Dodgy tones: Me