Saturday, July 28, 2007

Comic Con

So i am here, in San Diego, my first time on the west coast that didn't involve just getting a connecting flight, and more importantly, my first time to the Comic Con (Or any con for that matter).
Its been quite an experience, it was fantastic to meet so many of the artists that inspire and influence my work, its actually quite surreal. It's odd having a face to put behind the drawings, and even odder despite not really feeling nervous or anything prior to a conversation with a favorite artist, how i always manage to trip over my tongue and come off like a total tit.
For example, When talking to the Penny Arcade guys to get the Birds are Weird book signed, they noticed that i was with my Wife and daughter. The Penny Arcade duo having young kids of their own start up a conversation about the subject matter leading to a baby picture being produced (On a very snazzy i Phone i have to note), to which i comment "Oh that's nice, how old is it".
Now i was meaning to ask how old the picture it's self was, not the baby but after speaking i realised that it sounded like i was calling the Kid an It.
On top of that when asking fora sketch in the book they were signing for me, apparently i mumbled or something, and it came out sounding like i was asking for a sketch of a pair of tits.
So yeah, aside from the fact i apparently act like some gormless fan boy at cons, its been a great experience. I am really looking forward to The Drawing Board sketch session tonight. It will be nice to hang out with some of the artists in a more relaxed environment, and actually get some drawing done this weekend.
ta ta for now

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