Friday, August 10, 2007

A Page!

So this is my first finished colours on a page. Any one who saw my recognise this from the roughs posted earlier. I made a lot of edits to the pencils and the inks to get to this stage, as both of them came out pretty bad, so that is why they are not posted. They would require more cleaning than i have time to do to make them presentable. The second page will hopefully be done by the very latest tomorrow. Deadlines are closing in, and i am starting to panic just a smidge :S

Back to the page at hand, I was attempting to go for mood colours. I am not sure how successful i was, but i am very new to this, so at least i can only get better? She is supposed to be waking up from a nightmare, so i hope the colours help push that. If anyone has any tips other than burning it and starting over, please feel free to share :)

Oh, and there are words i need to add to this page, but having never digitally lettered before, i have to figure that one out first.

Take care


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