Monday, February 25, 2008

Some more sketchy sketches...this time with some ink!

So was out with Kate, and she wanted to look around the shops in Boro, figured i would play the typical art guy and sit in Starbucks, do some sketching.

So here we go. Some of these are people i saw, some are figments of my imagination, some have some ink on them, some don't. The inks were done with a Pitt brush pen. I don't use them very much, prefering a crowquill. It was really fun to use though, i just need some practice so i can get those really fine lines.

I should have some finished (i.e. coloured) stuff up and coming as I start Mr Bobby Chu's Schoolism class tomorrow. Mega excited.

Well, hope you enjoy these for now (Bills, lol).

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