Monday, July 14, 2008

Lil somthing for mike

As Mike didn't get to make the trip across the border (and probably not the one you'd expect either), I thought I'd better sketch something up for him to make up for it.

Ohhhh mannnn.

Anyway, yeah, lady of the night for mike, running girl for no special reason.

Oh yeah... FFXIII on the 360? Wonder how much that one cost...

Seriously though, I am not too surprised, business wise it would be nuts for SE not to go multi plat with their biggest franchise (in the west at least). I am just feeling a little sorry for Sony, Microsoft have improved on most of their niche family entertainment/party games (lips, scene it, etc) get the insanely popular rhythm games first (rock band) have re vamped and further improved Live, which was already superior to PSN and are taking a lot of Sony's one time platform exclusives. That plus the 360 slashing prices again may be tough to match.

I will be watching at 2 tomorrow, but it will be interesting to see what Sony pulls to balance things out. Things are looking a little grim for PS3 in the west, and unfortunately, no matter how awesome, I don't think Little Big Planet and a bunch of sequels are going to be enough the drive sales through the holiday season.

sleep time, good night.


Michael said...


Michael said...

but really nice job on that there whore

Richard Skidmore said...

cool drawings dude! Thanks for the link as well. I have returned the gesture!